Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Machine Shop Safety Responsibilities


EHSS will monitor the overall effectiveness of the program, provide Shop Safety Coordinator training, conduct audits of shop areas, assist with employee training, and provide technical assistance.


Each department must be aware of university guidelines relating to machine shops. The department must appoint a Safety Coordinator for each shop area under the department's control and provide support as needed for the Coordinator to meet the requirements of this program. The department must ensure that each departmental employee or student who works in and around shop areas receives appropriate training as indicated in this program. The department must ensure that a Shop Safety Coordinator, or someone with equivalent training and experience, is in the shop area during operating hours.

Shop Safety Coordinator

The Shop Safety Coordinator will be responsible for implementing the requirements of this program in the shop area. The Shop Safety Coordinator must:

  • Keep up with the manufacturer's maintenance schedule for each piece of equipment and machinery,
  • Conduct quarterly shop inspections to identify and correct hazardous conditions,
  • Ensure that required safety features are installed for each piece of machinery and are functioning properly,
  • Provide machine-specific training for each user (and document it),
  • Maintain records for program requirements including training and standard operating procedures,
  • Ensure that related programs, such as Lockout/Tagout and Hot Work, are followed where appropriate,
  • Ensure that required personal protective equipment is used and operating procedures are followed by users.


Each person, employee or student, who performs work in a shop area must:

  • Operate machinery or equipment only after being trained by the Shop Safety Coordinator,
  • Follow standard operating procedures for the machinery and equipment including the proper use of safety features,
  • Use prescribed personal protective equipment,
  • Report injuries to the Shop Safety Coordinator,
  • Dress appropriately (no loose jewelry, clothing, or unsecured long hair), and
  • Report problems with machines to the Shop Safety Coordinator, so that an Employee Accident Report can be completed.