Environmental Health and Safety

What is the Safety Management System?

Environmental Health and Safety implemented the Safety Management System (SMS) as an expansion of its chemical registration system. Information on chemical registration requirements are outlined below. The SMS is a new online tool that helps principal investigators, lab managers, and supervisors comply with the requirements of university Health and Safety Policy 1005. As outlined in this policy, each principal investigator and supervisor is responsible for the safety of his or her lab or workgroup. This responsibility includes assuring equipment and hazardous materials are used safely, that all personnel have attended required training, appropriate safety precautions are determined and followed, and that hazardous materials are disposed of properly. The SMS:
  • Allows people to be added to a lab or workgroup;
  • Allows training to be assigned to individuals or the workgroup;
  • Tracks training status;
  • Facilitates compliance with laser registration and operational requirements;
  • Serves as a document repository for each lab or workgroup;
  • Provides a means to comply with university requirements related to registering hazardous materials;
  • Serves as a lab-specific portal for requesting disposal of hazardous waste.
  • The registration of hazardous materials is mandatory for all teaching and research labs or other areas using chemicals. Your registration helps assure the university is in compliance with the Virginia Fire Code, OSHA regulations, and other regulatory authorities. This requirement is relevant to all departments, colleges, laboratories, centers, and institutes where work is performed using hazardous materials or where conditions exist that could result in immediate or serious harm. The registration is required to be updated annually.

    You can begin the registration of your chemicals and/or the creation of your lab or workgroup in the SMS by clicking here.

    To download instructions on using the SMS, click here.

    EHS is available to provide assistance to you and your laboratory or workgroup should you have any questions about using the SMS. For more information, contact Environmental Health and Safety at 540-231-3600 or send an email to: safety@vt.edu

    Thank you for giving this important matter your attention. We appreciate your ongoing commitment to ensuring work performed at Virginia Tech continues to be conducted with safety as a fundamental pillar and core value.

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    Zachary Adams, Assistant Director