Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Personnel Training Requirements

  1. What training is required for personnel and students who use consumer or commercial chemicals/ chemical products in the workplace?
    • Complete EHS online Hazard Communication (HAZCOM RTK) training.
    • Workplace-specific information on chemicals/products used and associated hazards, required PPE, and safe work practices must be provided to new personnel by the work area supervisor. Some of this information will also be conveyed by the HazCom coordinator when he/she reviews the HazCom Plan with each new employee.
    • Additional workspace-specific training on hazards must be provided by the department and or work area supervisor whenever a new hazardous chemical/chemical product that is introduced into the workspace. Records of this additional training shall be maintained by the HCP Coordinator.
  2. What should I learn in Hazard Communication training (online and workplace-specific)?
    • The requirements of the Hazard Communication Standard (29 CFR 1910.1200).
    • The contents, location and availability of my workplace HazCom Plan.
    • The physical and health hazards of hazardous chemicals in my work area and their locations..
    • The location of my work area’s hazardous chemicals inventory list.
    • The location of SDS documents for all hazardous chemicals in my work area, and how to find/understand the hazard information from them that I could need.
    • How to properly label containers, and understand workplace labels/ labeling systems and other forms of warning.
    • The emergency procedures to follow related to chemical hazards.
    • The methods used to determine the presence or release of hazardous chemicals in the work area.
    • How to reduce or prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals by using good work practices, engineering controls and PPE.
  3. What training is required for HazCom Coordinators?
    • All individuals who will serve as HazCom Coordinators must successfully complete the EHS online module for HazCom Coordinator training. Training will include topics covered in basic Hazard Communication training, as well as a review of Coordinator responsibilities.