Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hazard Communications Plan (HazCom Plan)

  • A Hazard Communication Plan (HazCom Plan) is required for each workplace that is subject to the requirements of the Hazard Communications Program (i.e., for workplaces that are NOT research laboratories using scientific-grade hazardous chemicals/gases.)
  • The required elements of a HazCom Plan include:
    1. Hazardous Chemical Inventory/List
    2. Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
    3. HazCom Plan Checklist and Annual Review
  • A department/work area’s HazCom Coordinator:
    1. Develops a Hazardous Chemical Inventory or list for his/her work area
    2. Compiles SDSs for those hazardous chemicals
    3. Completes the template for the HazCom Plan Checklist and Annual review
    4. Places all of this material (which is now that work area’s HazCom Plan) in a binder, and locate the binder in the workplace where it is accessible to personnel.
  • RECOMMENDATION: Print out the Written Hazard Communication Program document and include it in your HazCom binder for ready reference, especially if your computer access to the Program document is limited/not available.