Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Online Training

Online training is convenient and easy to use! Courses are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day and may be accessed from any computer meeting minimum system requirements and having internet access.

Minimum System Requirements

Internet Explorer 5, or higher, is required.

Adobe Flash Player version 10.0 or above is required for some content.


The majority of online classes require registration through the EHS web site. Please see the online class schedule for available classes and registration.

Any person wanting to complete online training will be required to have a Virginia Tech-issued PID. There is no charge for obtaining a PID, but you must be sponsered by a department. Please click here to obtain a departmentally sponsored PID.


Online classes are delivered using either SCHOLAR or EHS Online.


The majority of EHS online classes are delivered through Virginia Tech's implementation of SCHOLAR. Once you have registered for an online class, accessed the material by logging on to https://scholar.vt.edu/portal with your Virginia Tech PID and password.

Once you register for a class, you will receive e-mail instructions on how to join the appropriate SCHOLAR project or course site. Once you complete the quiz, it can take up to two weeks for your score to be updated in the EHS database.

EHS Online

Effective July 2014, a number of online classes have been moved from SCHOLAR to the EHS web site. This change has been made to improve your experience with our programs, as well as allow for the automatic posting of grades and completion to the EHS database. The change will also allow us to present content in a more responsive environment. Additional EHS-offered classes will be transitioned over the next several months. The required quiz is presented within the actual presentation, with improved feedback at the question and quiz level.

EHS Online classes must be accessed from your individual Training Profile. Under the heading "Classes currently registered for" you will see the class title and a new [Launch] button. To view/complete the class, simply click the button.

Common Issues

Problem 1: I don't see the class in the "Classes currently registered for" section.

Some individuals joined the SCHOLAR site directly without registering for the class through EHS first. Being registered for a class in the EHS training database is essential to keeping your training records accurate. Visit the Training Schedule and register. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with instructions on how to access the class.

Problem 2: I am having issues viewing the content.

Most EHS training content is posted as an interactive small web format (SWF) file, and users must have Adobe Flash version 10.0 or higher installed to view the content. Additionally, browser security settings or add-ins such as Ghostery can block content. Please check your Flash version and browser security settings before reporting an issue to us. For help on video playback issues, please visit Adobe's help site.


Once you have reviewed the course information, you will be asked to complete a short quiz. EHS online classes require you to achieve a minimum score of 80 to receive credit for the training. If you do not receive a satisfactory score, please review the course material and try the quiz again. If you continue to have problems, contact EHS Training for guidance.