Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Indoor Air Quality

EHS performs IAQ inspections upon request by university personnel who are experiencing adverse health effects during the course of the workday which may be related to indoor air quality. IAQ inspections include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Visual inspection of occupied spaces and air-handling systems serving the space;
  • Evaluation of building ventilation rates to ensure that occupants are receiving an adequate quantity of outside air and dilution ventilation;
  • Evaluation of building temperature and relative humidity to ensure occupant comfort and to prevent microbial growth and amplification;
  • Quantification of chemical contaminants that have been identified during the visual inspection;

Upon completion of the IAQ inspection, EHS will work with facilities and all other parties involved to resolve those IAQ issues identified during the course of the inspection.

Additional IAQ services that EHS may provide include:

  • Responding to occupant reports of chemical odors to assess employee exposure and recommend remedial activities.
  • Providing consultation for the selection and installation of new building materials and furnishings that will have a minimal impact on IAQ.
  • Working with departments to minimize the impact on IAQ during renovations and demolitions of occupied buildings.
  • Providing recommendations for air-cleaning equipment when deemed necessary.