Environmental, Health and Safety Services

X-Ray Safety Program Online

   The purpose, application, and scope of this program is covered in this section.

Emergency Procedures
   Information regarding emergency telephone numbers and the laboratory line of authority.

Radiation Safety-Organization
  Discussion of the univesity committee structure overseeing the safe use of radioactive materials and related equipment.

   Rules set for the safe use of diagnostic, analytical, or cabinet X-ray systems

Exposure Protection
   It is the policy of VT to reduce occupational exposures to a level that is as low as reasonably achievable.

Diagnostic Equipment
   The following rules are to ensure the safe use of human-use and veterinary-use diagnostic X-ray equipment.

Analytical Equipment
   The following rules govern the use of analytical X-ray equipment (e.g. diffractometers and ESCA's) at Virginia Tech.

Cabinet Systems
   The rules in this section apply to cabinet X-ray systems.

Miscellaneous Equipment
   Appliations for miscellaneous X-ray producing equipment such as electron microscopes, Auger's, and luminoscopes.

   Terms and definitions used in the X-Ray Safety Program.

Training Information
Training modules intended for individuals at Virginia Tech to receive specific certifications.

Required Postings
   Postings required for x-ray use spaces. 

More Information
   Contact information for additional resources.

Contact Information

Donald Conner, Radiation Safety Officer