Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Nuclear Medicine Emergency Procedures

If a contamination problem does occur, emergency procedures have been developed for principal users to control and clean up the contamination quickly. A list of main steps follows.

Emergency Steps

  • Notify people in the immediate area
  • Restrict access to the affected area
  • Clean up the contamination under the supervision of a Principal User
  • Confirm cleaning success with monitoring
  • Restore access to the affected area

The Radiation Safety Office can be contacted at 231-5364 to discuss any radiation-related concerns. If the accident is located at EMC (Equine Medical Center) then Dr. Maureen Kelleher must be notified as well. During an emergency, if there is no answer at 231-5364 or it is after normal working hours (8 am to 5 pm) call Virginia Tech Police at 911 and ask them to contact the Radiation Safety Office Staff. To contact Virginia Tech Police from EMC, call (540) 382-4343.