Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hearing Loss Prevention Responsibilities

At Virginia Tech, supervisors, employees, and EHS work together to effectively reduce occupational noise exposures, prevent noise-induced permanent hearing loss, and comply with OSHA and MSHA regulations.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Implementing engineering and/or administrative controls to reduce noise exposure,
  • Notifying EHS of changes in workplace processes or equipment which affect noise levels,
  • Notifying EHS of employee new hires, rehires, transfers, or terminations,
  • Ensuring that proper hearing protection is provided,
  • Enforcing the use of required hearing protection,
  • Assuring employees attend required HLP training.

Employee Responsibilities

  • Following safe work practices that reduce or prevent occupational noise exposures,
  • Attending HLP required training,
  • Participating in the audiometric testing under the Occupational Health Assurance Program,
  • Wearing properly fitted hearing protection when necessary,
  • Reporting to supervisors any changes in processes or equipment that alter noise levels.


  • Prioritizing evaluations of work areas based on noise exposure,
  • Performing noise measurements,
  • Educating supervisors and employees about the effects of noise,
  • Consulting and advising on engineering and administrative controls to reduce noise exposure,
  • Recommending proper hearing protection devices,
  • Providing annual hearing test services under the Occupational Health Assurance Program,
  • Training employees and supervisors in the need for, and proper use and care of hearing protection devices.