Environmental, Health and Safety Services



The intent of the Chemical Safety Program is to ensure that personnel at Virginia Tech are made aware of hazardous chemicals/products that they work with, and and are informed of necessary precautions that must be taken to reduce or eliminate adverse affects.


The Chemical Safety Program is an ongoing program that requires responsible oversight and maintenance. This program is to be implemented on a departmental level by designated responsible persons, such as Laboratory Chemical Hygiene Officers (LCHO), Principle Investigators (PI), Laboratory Safety Committees, Supervisors, Safety Representatives, or other designated persons.


This program establishes expectations regarding the proper storage, handling, and safe use of hazardous chemicals/products, which can be found as liquids in containers, substances in pipes, chemicals generated in work operations (ex. welding fumes or exhaust fumes), solids, gases, or vapor form. Potential exposures from foreseeable emergencies must also be included.