Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Fire and Life Safety Program Online

The purpose, application and scope of this program is covered in this section.

Information regarding the roles and responsibilities of departmental executives, supervisors, employees and students in assuring fire-safe conditions are maintained.

Fire Emergency Action Planning
Procedures for dealing with a fire.

Fire Drills
Information regarding building-specific fire drills.

Public Assembly Occupancies
Requirements and regulations for all public assembly occupancies.

Means of Egress (Exiting)
Egress requirements and information for areas inside buildings.

Fire Prevention
Means to prevent fires at Virginia Tech.

Fire Protection Systems
Systems that serve in providing adequate protection for fire.

Policies and procedures for obtaining work permits.

Fire Inspections
Describes the inspections that are performed by EHSS and other entities to assure compliance with fire codes.

Fire and Life Safety Training Programs
EHSS Fire Safety will provide training to any Virginia Tech employee, staff, faculty, and student organization upon request.

Fire and Life Safety appendicies.

Contact Information

Jeremy Williams, Fire & Life Safety Programs Manager