Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Fire and Life Safety Inspections

Buildings A comprehensive fire and life safety inspection of all university buildings is conducted by EHS to ensure compliance with fire codes. Reports are sent to the involved departments for action. Identified hazards must be corrected in a timely manner unless other arrangements have been discussed and agreed to by EHSS.

The State Fire Marshal's Office (SFMO) conducts acceptance-testing inspections of all fire protection systems. This is coordinated through the Office of the University Building Official.
Equipment All building service equipment inspections are administrated through Facilities Services. Inspection certificates are placed near each piece of equipment if practical. The records from the equipment inspections are maintained by Facilities Services and made available to EHS and/or the SFMO when requested for review.
Fire Protection and Suppression Systems All building fire suppression and detection equipment is maintained and inspected by the Division of Student Affairs for residential and dining buildings and by Facilities Services for all other buildings. Copies of inspection reports are made available to EHS and/or SFMO when requested for review. Portable fire extinguishers are also maintained and inspected by these departments; however, fire extinguishers located in laboratories must be inspected monthly by laboratory personnel, with the inspection being recorded on the tag attached to the extinguisher.
Residence Halls Code compliance inspections are conducted in the Residence Halls every year by the SFMO. At least 20% of all student rooms are randomly inspected along with all common areas of the building for fire code compliance. Personnel from EHS and the Division of Student Affairs (DSA) accompany the SFMO on these inspections. When violations are observed:
  • The SFMO records the violation
  • EHS Fire Safety issues a notice of violation to the occupant if available and/or leaves the notice in the student's room at the time of inspection.
  • Notice along with the applicable section of the SFMO Report is forwarded to the Area Coordinator and DSA staff as soon as it is issued.
  • Students and DSA staff are given at least 30 days to correct the violation, after which a follow-up inspection of the building is scheduled.
  • Failure to correct any violation may result in disciplinary action as outlined in the Hokie Handbook.
Residential Advisors perform periodic fire safety inspection using a form provided by Housing and Residence Life. This includes an inspection of all fire extinguishers, storage rooms, hallways, exit lights, and other relevant fire and life safety requirements as stated in the program. The form is signed and returned to Housing and Residence Life for any further action.