Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Provide Care

Initial Assessment assess patient

After you have surveyed the scene for safety and put on your gloves, you should assess the victim. During first aid training, you will learn the proper techniques for each of the steps. This assessment is prioritized to find life-threatening problems first and should always be performed in this order. If a problem is found during the step, you should provide the appropriate care before moving on to the next step.

  • Check the ABCs - airway, breathing, and circulation.
  • Get information about the victim which may identify a medical condition that is not evident (i.e. the victim's history) or clues regarding what might be wrong.
  • Check the rest of the victim's body by performing a physical examination.
  • Monitor the victim for changes while waiting for emergency services to arrive.

Information on how to provide care for someone needing assistance will be provided in the First Aid/CPR/AED training. To register for a class, go to Training Class Schedule.