Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Fall Protection Training

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Fall Protection User Training

Competent persons and personnel who will be using personal fall arrest systems must attend Fall Protection User training offered by EHS prior to being assigned such responsibilities.

Training will address the following topics:

  • Recognition and nature of fall hazard situations in the work area,
  • Fall hazard evaluation to determine feasible controls,
  • Various types of fall protection systems that may be used,
  • Components of a personal fall arrest system, and
  • Inspection of personal fall arrest systems.

Refresher training is required every 3 years, or under the following conditions:

  • There are changes in the workplace that make previous training obsolete,
  • There are changes in the types of fall protection systems or equipment used that render previous training obsolete, or
  • There are inadequacies in the employee's knowledge or use of the fall protection system or equipment that indicate a lack of understanding or skill.

Personnel may also need training in the following areas, if applicable:

Fall Hazard Awareness Training

Personnel who have existing or potential fall hazards in their work area must complete Fall Hazard Awareness level training. This training is intended to inform personnel of existing fall protection systems that are in place, and must not be overridden. For example, personnel accessing building roofs, which have a sufficient parapet wall around the perimeter, must completed awareness level training to understand the expectations and limitations of existing systems.