Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Documents and Resources

The following summary of documents and resources are provided to assist departments in developing a health and safety program and to prepare for upcoming evaluations. Such documentation may be requested for review during onsite visits, and are intended to provide specific guidance to departments in managing their health and safety efforts.

  • The Health and Safety Policy, No. 1005 reaffirms the university's commitment to safety and good environmental stewardship, and establishes a uniform system to help individuals, departments, and units meet their health and safety responsibilities.
  • The Universal Checklist ( doc | pdf ) provides detailed requirements for each program area that will be evaluated. It may be customized and used by departments to conduct self-inspections, as required by the Health and Safety Policy.
  • The Hazard Assessment Form ( doc | pdf ) documents existing or potential hazards in the work area where personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be worn (i.e. hazards have not been eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level by engineering or administrative controls).
  • Departments must identify what training ( doc | web ) is required for personnel based upon hazard exposures and work activities, such and operation of certain equipment (e.g. x-rays, forklifts, aerial lifts, etc.).
    • Personnel may register for training online.
  • Departments that have or use hazardous chemicals must have related information and documentation.

Program-specific information may be accessed from our homepage.