Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Biosafety for Research Labs

This comprehensive online module has replaced all previously-required CITI biosafety trainings for lab workers/researchers, AND can include Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP) training for those who need it. 

To receive the BBP-inclusive version, answer YES to the question “Do you work with human/NHP materials (including human tissue cultures)?” when you register for the training.  Those who answer NO will receive biosafety training without BBP, so be sure you answer the question in accordance with your training needs.  If in doubt, answer YES to cover all contingencies.
Successful completion of this biosafety training without BBP will be recorded in your EHS training profile with a 3-year expiration.
Successful completion of the BBP-inclusive version of this training will give you credit for both biosafety and BBP training in your EHS training profile with a 1-year expiration.  In interim years when you take the training, the system will launch a BBP-only refresher for research laboratorians, NOT the full biosafety module.  The database will track your record and launch the full module every 3 years.



Start Date/Time: 09/07/1111 1:10 PM

End Date/Time: 00/00/ :00 AM

Register online from the training class schedule.