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Battery and Computer Monitor Removal

Computer monitors contain toxic elements (including lead and cadmium) that may be harmful to the environment when improperly disposed of. Batteries may also contain mercury, lead and cadmium. As a result, EPA regulations prohibit the disposal of nonworking computers monitors in a landfill for institutions such as Virginia Tech.

Virginia Tech's Department of Environmental, Health and Safety will pick up and properly recycle your unwanted CRT monitors and TVs (no flatscreen and no inventory tags) and spent batteries. There is no cost to your department for this service. Just complete the form linked below. The expected pick-up date of the monitors or batteries should be within one to two weeks of submitting the form. Holiday schedules may delay these pick-ups.

Note: Only items that do NOT have inventory tags can be picked up by EHS. All other items must be sent to Surplus Property.

The requesting department is responsible for removing the equipment from the university's fixed assets inventory.

Battery and Broken/Nonworking Monitor pickup request form
Fill out this form to request a pickup of old batteries and unwanted CRT and TV items.

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