Environmental Health and Safety

Laser Safety Compliance

Compliance reduces the risk of injury, death, or property damage.

EHS requires Virginia Tech employees that operate, maintain, or service class 3B, 3R, or class 4 laser systems to comply with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.97 and the ANSI Z136 series of laser safety standards.

It is our goal to assist departments and supervisors to maintain a safe, healthy and secure work environment that fully meets university requirements and governmental regulations.

Follow 5 steps for compliance:

Action Description

Register all class 3B, 3R, & 4 laser systems and all laser cutters/engravers and all confocal microscopes with EHS. Develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for each laser.

Use the right codes and speed up procurement.

Attend EHS laser safety training + learn PI Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Reference the complete Laser Safety Program (LSP) to answer specific concerns.

Respond to EHS laser compliance inspections.

For more information

Call 540-231-3600.

Program reviewed 8/3/18