Environmental, Health and Safety

Emergency Planning Program

Effective January 2011, the Department Emergency Planning Program was moved under the Office of Emergency Management. Please contact that office if you require assistance developing your departmental emergency action plan or if you are seeking information on the university Emergency Preparedness Program.

Pandemic Planning
Go to Virginia Tech's official website for information on this years' COVID response plans, prevention and available resources.

Workplace Violence
Workplace violence has emerged as an important safety and health issue in today's workplace.

Virginia Tech's Emergency Warning System
The campus has an EMERGENCY WARNING SYSTEM that is designed to provide instant notification of imminently dangerous conditions.

Emergencies Don't Just Happen at Work: Building Your Family Emergency Plan
Emergencies and disasters can strike anyone, anytime and anywhere. They can happen quickly and without warning, and they can force you to evacuate your neighborhood or require you to stay in your home. It is vital that you understand what a disaster could mean for you and your family. Each person's needs and abilities are different, but every individual can take important steps to prepare for all kinds of emergencies and to put plans in place. Get ready now.

Contact Information

Zachary R Adams, Assistant Director