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Silica Exposure Control Plan

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The Silica Exposure Control Plan (SECP) applies to all university operations where personnel could be exposed to respirable crystalline silica (RCS) above the limits established by OSHA. The purpose of this program is to assure appropriate controls are used to maintain exposures below these limits whenever feasible, that persons covered by this program are informed of the hazards of RCS exposure, and that employees exposed above limits are provided required medical services. RCS can be created by crushing, drilling, grinding, cutting, sanding or abrading certain types of materials such as sand, stone, mortar and concrete, porcelain and ceramic materials, brick and pottery products, plaster and sheetrock compounds, and refractory materials. RCS may also be found in the clay body and glazes of pottery, released during jewelry production, used in foundries, and may be released when mining, excavating or otherwise disturbing the earth surface.


Operations that use crystalline silica or work which affects materials containing silica where respirable dust could be generated must comply with this program. Departments that perform renovation, repair, or maintenance activities which could affect potential silica-containing materials shall designate a responsible person to coordinate program requirements in the department with EHS. More information is available here.

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