Environmental, Health and Safety Services


EHS Training Information can be found here.

To ensure that supervisors and their employees can demonstrate the knowledge, understanding and skills necessary to implement the duties outlined in this program, they are required to attend respirator training. Employees as well as their supervisors will be trained prior to fit testing and actual use of the respirator. Training will occur annually thereafter, and whenever procedures are modified, duties change, or at any time the supervisor or EHS personnel determine that an employee has not retained sufficient knowledge of the correct use of a respirator.

Respiratory Protection Training is offered online through EHS' website. It is the Supervisor’s responsibility to ensure that all respirator users under his/her supervision have completed the training prior to their scheduled medical testing at CRC 2020 Kraft Drive, Suite 2100.

Employees who voluntarily use respirators are not required to participate in this training program. However, they will receive Appendix D of the OSHA Respiratory Protection Standard found in Appendix 3 of this program. Students who are voluntary users must also sign and return the Informed Consent for Voluntary Respirator Users.


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