Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Medical Evaluation

A medical evaluation is completed for all employees enrolled in the Respiratory Protection Program. This evaluation begins with the completion of a Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire. The information used to assist EHS in determining the employee's ability to use a respirator. The questionnaire will provide information about the employee’s past respirator use, physical effort required for job tasks, and pertinent medical history. The questionnaire is administered at the time of the employee’s initial visit scheduled by EHS and is evaluated by the university's occupational health physician or other licensed health care professional. The form can also be obtained on line and completed in advance to expedite the enrollment process.

For those employees whose job requires the use of a tight fitting respirator, a spirometry test (Pulmonary Function Test -PFT)) to evaluate the employee’s lung function may be performed by EHS before the respirator fit test takes place. A PFT will not be performed on voluntary users of respirators.

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