Environmental Health and Safety

Program Enrollment

Employees are enrolled in the Respiratory Protection Program when Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) determines that they are exposed to respiratory hazards in particulate, vapor or gas forms above permissible exposure limits (PELs) or as necessary to protect the health of the employee. Individuals with special health concerns may be enrolled based on the recommendation of their personal physician or the university's occupational physician. Employees may also be enrolled based on the hazard assessment performed by the university Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC).

Prior to enrollment, a respiratory hazard assessment should be initiated by the Principal Investigator or supervisor by completing a Respiratory Hazard Assessment form. This form is used to request an evaluation of potential worksite exposure conditions. Alternatively, if a lab or workgroup alread exists in the EHS Safety Management System, the RHA tool found under the Medical Services tab may be used. (If you cannot see the Medical Services tab, click on the 'Summary' tab, then click the 'Edit Lab/Tabs' button, check the Medical Services box, and then click on submit at the bottom of the page.)

If a respirator hazard determination has already been established for a work group in the SMS, and a new employee needs to be added to the Respiratory Protection Program, the PI/supervisor or designee should edit that RHA under the Medical Service tab and add the employee. When persons are assigned respiratory protection through the SMS, respiratory protection training and medical services are automatically added to the services provided that employee.

All employees enrolled in the Respiratory Protection Program will receive a medical evaluation and respirator training. Fit-testing will be conducted by EHS on an annual basis.

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