Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Personal Protective Equipment Training

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Awareness Level Training

Each employee required to wear PPE must be aware that PPE does not eliminate the hazard. If the equipment fails, or is not worn or used properly, the employee will be exposed to the hazard and may suffer injury or illness. Employees must complete EHS PPE Awareness training, receive training from the PPE Coordinator or other appropriate designated personnel (if conducted by the department), and demonstrate an understanding of its use and limitations, prior to being assigned tasks requiring the use of PPE.

Note: Training on personal fall arrest systems, electrical protective equipment, respiratory protection, and hearing protection is provided by EHS. Proper documentation will be maintained at EHS for these trainings.

Training must include answers and information regarding the following issues:

  • What hazards have been identified during the hazard assessment?
  • What are the controls in place for minimizing/eliminating these hazards?
  • If engineering and/or administrative controls are not implemented, which specific PPE is to be worn for protection?
  • How PPE is properly fitted, donned, doffed, adjusted, and worn. (Refer to manufacturers recommendations).
  • What limitations does the PPE have? (Refer to manufacturers recommendations).
  • How to properly care for, maintain, inspect, replace, and dispose of the PPE. (Refer to manufacturer's recommendations and information provided in the appropriate appendices of this program).

PPE Coordinator Level Training

Designated PPE Coordinators must complete two classes to fulfill this level of training: PPE Awaress and Hazard Assessments. Both classes are available online.

Where the PPE Coordinator elects to conduct awareness level training for personnel (instead of requiring PPE Awareness level training provided by EHS), or where specialized PPE is used that EHS PPE Awareness level training does not address, a written certification of training must be maintained for each employee. This Record of Training ( doc | pdf ) must include the name of the trainer, the name of the employee receiving training, the date of training, and the specific types of PPE covered during the training. This record is to be maintained at the departmental level, and must be made available to EHS, or regulatory authorities upon request.

When there is a reason to believe that an employee using PPE does not have the understanding and skill required to use the equipment safely or properly, the employee must be retrained immediately. Retraining is also required when changes in the workplace render previous training obsolete, or when changes in the type of PPE to be used are made.