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Occupational Safety and Health Program for Animal Handlers

The Occupational Safety and Health Program for Animal Handlers outlines general requirements for those employees who work with or around animals or who are exposed to its fur, dander, urine, saliva, or other unfixed body tissues. It also provides guidance on safety and health-related issues that may arise from work associated with animals.

Information regarding the purpose of this program.

EHSS, Departmental, and Employee responsibilities are covered in this section.

General Requirements
This section outlines the requirements for completing a medical survey upon initial assignment and annually thereafter. It also outlines general work practices that are required when working around animals or unfixed animal tissue.

Safety and Health Considerations
This section provides guidance on safety and health issues that may arise when working with or around animals.
Exposure Incident Response
This section outlines how to respond when an employee is bitten, scratched or injured by an animal, exposed to an infectious agent, or is others injured while on the job.

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Sarah Owen, Industrial Hygienist