Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Nuclear Medicine General Requirements

Basic safety precautions are to be followed regardless of which location is referenced. These are critical for following ALARA principals in keeping radiation exposures to a minimum.

The survey meter is critical for helping to ensure that material is contained and that work practices are effective. Check calibration due date, batteries, and response to a known source before each use of a portable survey instrument. Check calibration due date located on the side of the meter and verify that the due date is not passed. Turn the instrument to battery test and verify it indicates good battery condition. Check that the instrument responds to a known source of radiation, radioactive check source, or natural background (i.e.: audible clicks and needle reads above zero).

Reducing personal contamination

  • Lab coats and disposable gloves are required during and after radiopharmaceutical injections and whenever close contact with patients is possible,
  • Shoe covers must be worn whenever floor contamination is possible (entering runs or stalls),
  • Exit contaminated areas properly, and
  • Monitor hands, feet, and clothing after any involvement.


  • Radiation levels accessible by individuals that are not authorized radiation workers will be kept very low.
  • Rooms will be locked to control access to the areas involved except equine stalls.
  • Radiation levels on the outside of the rooms will be checked on a routine basis.
  • Contamination levels on floors and other surfaces accessible by individuals will be kept below a very low limit. These contamination levels will be checked on a routine basis.

Each area or room in which radioactive material is used will be posted with the radiation warning symbol and the words "CAUTION - RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL" and possibly "CAUTION - RADIATION AREA" which is used if the radiation level in the room is greater than 5 mR/hr.

Other required postings follow guidelines as detailed in the Radiation Safety Program and include authorized personnel listing, Emergency Contacts, laboratory hygiene notices, etc. Please refer to the Required Postings section of the Radiation Materials Safety Program.