Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Machine Shop Definitions

Fixed Guard refers to a guard that is a permanent part of the machine, but is not dependent upon moving parts of the machine to perform its guarding function. This may include some guards that can be manually set into appropriate positions and fixed into place.

Interlocked Guard refers to guards that are connected to a mechanism that cuts power to the machine when the guard is tripped or moved out of position.

Nip or Pinch Point refers to an area other than a point of operation where a belt contacts a pulley or rotating parts come together where it is possible for a part of the body to get nipped or pinched in the moving parts.

Point of Operation refers to those activities (e.g. cutting, shearing, shaping, boring) performed on a stock material.

Power Transmission refers to areas where power is transferred from one part to another such as a drive shaft, belt, or chain.

Self-adjusting Guard refers to a guard that adjusts automatically to the thickness and movement of the stock material. An example is a floating guard on a table saw that raises up and floats along the top of the stock while the stock is guided across the saw.

Shop Safety Coordinator means the departmental person responsible for ensuring compliance with this program.