Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Lockout/Tagout Training

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Lockout/Tagout Awareness

Employees who are workings in areas where lockout/tagout is being conducted should attend awareness level training so that they understand the program requirements and procedures, and that the devices are not to be tampered with, removed, or bypassed in any way. Awareness level refresher training is due every 5 years.

Lockout Authorized Employee Training

Each employee who will conduct work covered by this program must attend Lockout Authorized Employee training offered by EHS prior to beginning such work. Additionally, each Lockout Authorized Employee must receive specific training on each Energy Control Procedure (ECP) to be used. This training is to be conducted by a department Lockout Authorized Employee familiar and experienced with the procedure and the system, machinery, or equipment. Refresher training is due every 3 years.


All affected and authorized employees must be retrained under certain conditions listed below:

  • Accidents or incidents involving hazardous energy source(s),
  • A change in job assignment,
  • A change in machines, equipment, or processes that present a new hazard,
  • Deviations from, or inadequacies in, the employee's knowledge or use of the Energy Control Procedure,
  • Periodic inspections reveal there are deviations in the Energy Control Procedure, or
  • Significant changes to the employer's written program.