Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Program Summary

Applies to:

This program applies to employees who service or maintain machinery, equipment or related electrical systems where there is a potential for exposure to hazardous energy sources.


Employees are expected to use work practices, such as proper de-energization and the application of appropriate lockout devices and tags, to prevent the unexpected start up or release of stored energy.

Work on energized hazardous energy sources, such as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, steam, etc. is not permitted at Virginia Tech without prior approval by the supervisor, departmental representative, and EHS. Information regarding energized electrical work approval is covered in the Electrical Safety Program.

Departments must supply appropriate devices for lockout/tagout and ensure that personnel are trained and authorized.

Persons applying locks and/or tags must attend EHS Lockout/Tagout Authorized Person Training. Awareness level training is available for personnel in the general area where Lockout/Tagout is conducted to provide a basic understanding of the program requirements.

For work on building roofs where chemical exposure may be an issue due to fume hood exhausts at the roof level, follow these Roof Access Procedures.