Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hearing Conservation Program Online

   The purpose, application and scope of this program.

   EHS, departmental, and contractor responsibilities.

Hazard Recognition
   Understanding hazardous noise levels and their sources.

Noise Surveys
   Measuring noise levels, developing guidelines, and determining where protection is required.

   Specific engineering controls to reduce noise levels.

Hearing Tests
   Information about tests to identify workers in the early stages of hearing loss and allow intervention.

Hazard Protection
   Types of hearing protection other than controls, such as plugs and headsets.

Hazard Protection Effectiveness
   Calculations for determining the effectiveness of protection devices.

Training Information
   Training requirements for "qualified" and "unqualified" persons.

Record Keeping
   Guidelines for recording audiometric information.

   Terms and definitions used in the Hearing Conservation Program.

Contact Information

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