Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hearing Loss Prevention Hazards

Noise Measurements

Anticipation and Recognition

Hearing Loss Prevention (HLP) is a systematic approach to evaluate workplace noise levels. The first step is to anticipate that noise levels while generated while using certain equipment may be a concern. Chainsaws, masonry drills, tractors, and mowers, for example, are known to generate high noise levels when in use. Employees operating such equipment can have potentially high noise exposures and should be enrolled in the HLP. Here is an example that illustrates the range of noise levels with some typical activities and equipment.

Common sound levels

For other equipment and processes excessive noise levels may not be as readily apparent. It is the responsibility of supervisors to notify EHS of questionable noise levels from equipment or processes. EHS facilitates this notification process by:

  • Call EHS at 231-3600

Interviews with supervisors provide EHS with a set of locations and employees who may have occupational noise exposure. This list is prioritized for noise evaluations based on the anticipated or reported intensity, duration, and number of employees exposed to the noise hazards.