Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hazardous Chemical Management Training

Designated departmental coordinators must provide information and training to all personnel regarding the hazards of chemicals present in the work area, including:

  • Information regarding the program must be provided at the time of initial assignment to a work area where hazardous chemicals are present, and
  • Information regarding specific chemicals/products and associated hazards (including required personal protective equipment and safe work practices) must be provided prior to being assigned work involving new exposure situations.

Coordinator Training

EHS will provide Hazard Communication Coordinator training to those persons who have responsibility for implementing and maintaining the program for non-chemical laboratory departments or work areas. Training will include identifying products that should be included in the inventory, labeling requirements, understanding basic information on the SDS, and what information needs to be communicated to personnel using the product. View upcoming classes.

Coordinator training is not required for designated responsible persons in chemical laboratories. If assistance is needed, contact EHS-Laboratory Safety Division.

Personnel Training

In both laboratory and non-laboratory settings, coordinators/designated personnel must provide training to employees and students who will be using the hazardous product. When personnel training is conducted by the coordinator, it must be documented. Documentation requirements and forms can be found in the non-laboratory and laboratory sections.

The following information on the specific chemical(s) should be conveyed to personnel prior to being assigned to work tasks involving the product:

  • What are Safety Data Sheets, what pertinent information do they contain, and where are they located?
  • If the department is using a labeling system, what is it?
  • What should personnel do in the event of an emergency (i.e. the departments' Emergency Action Plan requirements)?
  • What hazardous chemicals/products are in the work area? (Review the SDS for hazardous products with personnel.)
  • Potential injuries or illnesses that the product can cause,
  • Methods of protection,
  • Proper use, storage, and disposal.