Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hazardous Non-Routine Tasks

  1. What is a non-routine task?
    • A non-routine task is one which the employee does not normally perform and for which he/she has not previously been trained.
  2. What needs to be in place before employees perform non-routine tasks?
    • Standard operating procedures (SOP) should be written and available to employees performing "non-routine" tasks involving hazardous chemicals.
    • Prior to beginning non-routine tasks involving actual or potential exposures to hazardous chemicals, employees should be informed of the hazards present, and the steps the department/ work area is taking to reduce the hazards, including ventilation, respirators, the presence of another employee (buddy systems), and emergency procedures.
    • The employee should be given appropriate work instructions, and provided with required personal protective equipment (PPE) prior to starting the task.
  3. Who is responsible for putting these measures in place?
    • The employee’s supervisor or the area supervisors are responsible for SOP development, supplying PPE and providing information and training.