Environmental, Health and Safety Services


  1. Department management bears the responsibility for providing HazCom program resources to supervisors who oversee work areas and manage personnel, and HazCom Coordinators who facilitate safe chemical use in the workplace. In some instances, a supervisor may also serve as the HazCom Coordinator.

    Department management also is responsible for ensuring that HazCom training records for personnel are up-to-date and maintained in department files and/or the EHS Safety Management System.

  2. HazCom Coordinators are responsible for executing the requirements of this program so that all persons safely work with hazardous chemical products in their work areas.

    HazCom Coordinator Responsibilities Include:
    • Required training – Complete Hazard Communication and HazCom Coordinator training.
    • Chemical Inventory - Develop and maintain an inventory list of all hazardous chemicals stored or used in the workplace, ensure the inventory is available to employees (See HazCom Chemical List Template.), and ensure that chemical containers are properly labeled.
    • Safety Data Sheets - Ensure Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) are present for all hazardous chemicals and chemical products in the workplace and readily available to employees.
    • HazCom Plan Checklist and Annual Review (Attached) –
      1. Complete this template to capture department/area-specific details.
      2. Retain the completed form in the HazCom Plan binder, along with other required elements of your HazCom Plan.
      3. Review and update your HazCom Plan contents as necessary and at least annually.
    • Non-Routine Task Awareness - Identify “non-routine” tasks involving hazardous chemicals. Ensure written standard operating procedures are established and included in department-specific training for employees performing “non-routine” tasks involving hazardous chemicals.
  3. Employees must:
    • Comply with the guidelines set forth in this program and in the department-specific HazCom Plan.
    • Complete required Hazard Communication training.
    • Following training, know how to recognize hazards associated with chemical products, and use chemical products safely.
  4. Contract Employees are responsible for complying with this plan in accordance with the Virginia Tech Contractor Safety Guide.

  5. Environmental Health and Safety will maintain and update this written HCP and the HazCom plan templates for departmental use, as well as provide assistance when necessary and requested. EHS will provide online Hazard Communication training and HazCom Coordinator training for use by personnel at Virginia Tech.