Environmental, Health and Safety Services


Hazardous Chemical

"Hazardous Chemicals" implies that exposure to a chemical could pose a physical and/or health hazard. "Physical hazard" indicates that the chemical is a combustible liquid, a compressed gas, explosive, flammable, an organic peroxide, an oxidizer, pyrophoric, unstable (reactive) or water-reactive. "Health hazard" indicates that acute or chronic health effects may occur in exposed employees.

Exempt Chemicals

Common Exemption: If you are using a consumer product in the same size container you would use at home, in same way/in same quantity you would use the product at home, the Hazard Communication Standard does not apply. However, if you are using multiple containers or bulk-volume containers of the product for a task, or are using the product for any purpose or in any way other than as described on the label, the Standard would apply.

Certain chemicals are specifically exempt from this Hazard Communication Program, including pesticides, fungicides, rodenticides, food, food additives, drugs, cosmetics and medical or veterinary products. A more complete list is provided in the OSHA standard 1910.1200 (b)(6).