Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Hazardous Chemical Inventory List

  • Each Virginia Tech department, facility or workplace for which the Hazard Communications Program applies must list or inventory all hazardous chemicals in the workplace. This list includes the name of the chemical and the specific work area in which the chemical is used, or the person responsible for the chemical. (See HazCom Chemical List Template.)
  • The hazardous chemical inventory or list is compiled and maintained by the HCP Coordinator, or department designee.
  • This list shall be retained with the designated HCP documentation (binder) in the workspace.
  • When new chemicals are received, this list must be updated (including date the chemical was put into use). To ensure any new chemical is added in a timely manner, the following procedures should be followed:
    1. If the chemical is ordered by any individual other than the HCP Coordinator, they must notify the Coordinator of all chemicals ordered, including the following:
      1. The date the order was placed
      2. The name of the chemical and manufacturer
      3. The specific work area in which the chemical will be used
      4. The quantity to be used
      5. The expected receipt date
    2. When a shipment arrives, the receiving department must notify the HCP Coordinator immediately and deliver the new SDS and any additional information on the chemical provided with shipment to the Coordinator.
    3. The HCP Coordinator must then add new chemicals to the list with all required information. An updated copy of the list must then be attached to the workspace-specific HCP documentation and the old list destroyed.