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Ladder Safety Systems

Ladder Safety Systems (LSS) may be installed in some locations on campus. Upon initial installation, personnel from the department, along with representatives from EHS, shall be trained by the manufacturer on proper use and maintenance of the system. This training shall be documented. Subsequent training of users shall be the responsibility of the department in conjunction with Fall Protection User training provided by EHS. Only components recommended by the system manufacturer may be used, such as full body harness with chest d-ring, if specified.

When Ladder Safety Systems (LSS) are installed, the following requirements must be met: Ladder Safety System

  • The connection between the carrier/lifeline and the point of attachement to the body harness shall not exceed 9 inches in length.
  • Mountings for rigid carriers shall be attached at each end of the carrier, with intermediate mountings spaced as necessary along the entire length of the carrier so the sytem has the strength to stop employee falls.
  • Mountings for flexible carriers shall be attached at each end of the carrier and cable guides installed at least ever 25 feet apart, but not more than 40 feet apart along the entire length of the carrier.
  • The LSS must be capable of withstanding, without failure, a drop test consisting of an 18-inch drop of a 500-pound weight.

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