Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Excavation Safety Program Online

The purpose, scope and application of this program are included in this section.

EHS, Departmental, Competent Person, Employee and Contractor responsibilities are covered in this section.

Training Information
Training requirements for "competent persons" and employees entering excavations are covered in this section.

General Requirements
Local requirements for contacting Miss Utility and best pratices are covered in this section.

Excavation Assessment
The competent person must assess the excavation prior to employees entering. The Excavation Assessment
Form ( doc) is the primary tool and guide for this assessment.

Protection Systems
Requirements and options for protective systems against cave-ins are covered in this section.

Site Inspections
Requirements for daily inspections and conditions that would require additional inspections are covered here.

Guidelines on what to do in the event of an emergency are covered here.

Terms and definitions used in the Excavation Safety Program.


Contact Information

Robin McCall-Miller, Occ. Safety Engineer