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Your mouse should support and promote neutral wrist postures.

Compare your wrist postures with this graphic. Adjust your keyboard height and distance to obtain a better mousing posture. You hold your mouse for hours each day. With that long duration it is important use appropriate postures. If your workstation cannot promote a proper posture then seek additional guidance.


Do not use a mouse on your desk.

Placing and using a mouse on the desk with your arm extended greatly increases your risk for discomfort. Get a keyboard tray wide enough for both your keyboard and mouse and adjust it to promote better posture. See Keyboard for additional information.


Explore different ways of moving your cursor.

Contour roller mouse that lets you move the cursor with a sliding roller in front of the spacebar. This reduces the distance you have to reach for the mouse and return the hand to the keyboard.

Choose a mouse that fits your hand size.

or a trackball

or a vertical mouse


You literally click your mouse buttons thousands of times each workday. That high repetition rate can increase the risk of discomfort. It is important to implement the topics above to create the most neutral hand and arm positions.

Additionally, learning to use keyboard shortcuts can reduce the level of mouse usage. Please see Wrist and Hand discomfort Repetition topic for more information.

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