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There are 3 considerations for the location of your monitor.

  1. Center the monitor with respect to your body. This will prevent you from twisting and holding your head to one side.
  2. Adjust the height so it is no higher than your seated eye height from the floor.
  3. Finally, adjust the distance the monitor is from your eyes. See Eye Distance

2 or more monitors

Please examine your business processes and carefully consider if you really need to have 2 or more screens. Sometimes one larger monitor can be sufficient. However, if you determine that a 2nd monitor is appropriate then consider these issues.

Do you routinely look only at 1 monitor? Do you use the 2nd monitor for secondary tasks? If so, then consider locating your primary monitor to be more centered with respect to your body. This prevents sustained head turning to one monitor.

Do you maximize all of your windows on both screens? If so, consider have some windows to be much narrower. This will reduce the degree of head turning necessary to read the monitor. This is especially helpful for email. Narrowing is not recommended for spreadsheets however.


Use appropriate eyewear to see the screen as clearly as you can. Ask your optometrist about computer glasses. See Eye Discomfort.


Glare on the monitor degrades productivity. Your eyes tend to look a the brightest object in your field of view. Search for an remove of lessen the severity of glare. Try these strategies.

Position the monitor 90 degrees to a window.

Use window coverings to reduce the amount of sunlight

Create a uniform amount of light behind and around your monitor.

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