Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Other Ergonomic Responsibilities

Americans with Disability Act (ADA) Office

ADA Coordinator - Located in the Employee Resource Center in Southgate, the ADA Coordinator is responsible for interpreting the impact of the ADA and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 on University policies and practices. The ADA Coordinator consults with faculty, staff, and departments about their related rights and responsibilities, provides training opportunities, and assists faculty and staff with specific accommodation needs. adainfo@vt.edu or (540) 231-4638 or http://www.hr.vt.edu/supervisorscorner.

Special Services Laboratory

Special Services Lab, Torgersen Hall - The ADA has provided a stimulus for industry to design and build remarkable adaptive equipment for use in both educational and professional environments. These devices provide a wide array of technological solutions for people with visual, hearing, learning, or physical disabilities. The Special Services Lab, located on the first floor of Newman Library, provides public access to and training on assistive technology devices for students and employees with disabilities. Referrals to the lab are made from the Dean of Students Office, Services for Students with Disabilities, Personnel Services or Environmental, Health and Safety Services (EHSS). (540) 231-3937 (phone); (540) 231-3035 (TTY); email: assist@vt.edu.

Human Resources

Human Resources, located at Southgate Center, works with all departments to assist university employees with disabilities in identifying essential job functions and appropriate accommodations via Policy 4075. (540) 231-9331(phone); Their web site provides links for supervisors and employees on ergonomics issues.

Return to Work (RTW)

The Governor's Office has mandated that each agency establish a working Return to Work effort. This Executive Order (94) requires Virginia Tech to make every reasonable effort to return those employees to work who have sustained job related injuries or illnesses, and as a result are prevented from returning to their full former employment. Employees will be returned to work on a transitional or full time basis as soon as it is determined to be medically feasible to do so.

The Virginia Tech Return to Work Coordinator, (540) 231-3463, will be assigned to work closely with injured employees, treating physicians and departments to facilitate transitional duty assignments until the goal of full duty is obtained.

Workers' Compensation

The purpose of the Workers' Compensation Act is to provide compensation to an employee for the loss of his or her opportunity to engage in work, when the disability is occasioned by an injury suffered from an accident arising out of and during the course of their employment.