Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Electrical Safety Responsibilities


EHS responsibilities for this program include:

  • Developing, implementing, and administering the program,
  • Training on the program requirements and maintaining centralized records,
  • Serving as a technical resource for application of program requirements,
  • Providing guidance on the selection of protective equipment, and
  • Evaluating the overall effectiveness of the program on a periodic basis and making appropriate changes as needed to assure the safety of personnel.

Involvement by EHS does not relieve the departments, supervisors, or contractors of their individual responsibilities.


Departments are expected to maintain safe and healthy living, learning, and working environments for faculty, staff, students, and visitors to our campus. 

  • Each department performing energized electrical work must ensure that personnel assigned to such work are qualified, trained, provided with appropriate protective equipment, and are following approved procedures. 
  • Departments must ensure that all employees performing electrical work have attended EHS Electrical Qualified Person training, EHS Lockout/Tagout Authorized Person training, and are currently certified in First Aid/CPR/AED.
  • Departments involved in electrical research must ensure that all projects are designed in compliance with accepted safety criteria and code intent. To facilitate compliance with these requirements, it is recommended that the department assign the duties outlined in this program to either a safety committee composed of qualified faculty and staff, the Principle Investigator (PI), and/or the Program Supervisor as appropriate for the scope of departmental operations and conditions of use. The Principle Investigator (PI) and/or the Program Supervisor are responsible for assuring the acceptability of experimental electrical wiring and apparatus. For more information, click here.
  • Departments must ensure that electrical systems and related equipment are maintained in a safe manner in order to protect employees, students, and the public from hazardous conditions.  Unsafe electrical conditions should be reported to Facilities immediately for correction at 231-4300.


Employees who perform energized electrical work on systems greater than 50 volts (ac or dc) must:

  • Follow the requirements of this program,
  • Attend required training,
  • Wear assigned personal protective equipment, and
  • Know and respect the limitations of his or her technical skills and knowledge.


Contractors must comply with all local, state, and federal safety requirements, and must assure that all employees performing work on Virginia Tech property have been suitably trained and are provided appropriate personal protective equipment per the “Safety Requirements for Contractors and Subcontractors” program. 

All non-capital construction, renovation, and maintenance of university-owned facilities, and the installation of equipment within those facilities, shall be accomplished under the management and direction of the Campus Renovation Services, per Policy 5405.  Contractors performing electrical work on university property must coordinate such work with their Project Manager to assure both parties are informed of existing hazards, personal protective equipment requirements, related safe work practices, and related emergency procedures.  This meeting should be documented by Virginia Tech personnel.