Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Safety Features

Chain saws have many safety features, some of which are voluntary for the manufacturers to implement. If chain saws are used by employees, they must have these three safety features, and they must be in proper working order.

Chain Brake or Nose Guide Bar

The chain brake stops the chain motion in the event that the operator falls onto the chain brakechain saw, or the chain pulls the bar into the tree being cut, reducing the potential for serious injury. It should stop the chain motion when pushed or pulled back towards the handle, and the chain motion should resume when the brake is reactivated.


Throttle and Lock

throttle lockThe throttle and lock safety feature prevents accidental throttle engagement. Both the throttle and and lock must be pressed in order for the chain to move.



Chain Catcher

The chain catcher is a small plastic or metal protrusion which prevents a broken chainchain catcher from flying back towards the operator. If it is missing or broken, it must be replaced prior to use.