Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)


Automatic external defibrillators (AED) are now fairly common in public areas. An AED can be used to attempt to restart the heart of a person in cardiac arrest. There are various models on the market; however, the basic design and principle is the same. Buildings on campus that have AEDs in place must ensure that they are properly maintained and inspected on a regular basis, whether contracted with the manufacturer or designated to departmental personnel. There currently is no requirement for persons trained in CPR to also be trained on the use and operation of AEDs. Use, and therefore training, is voluntary for personnel in the area. Volunteers should be certified in CPR and trained on the particular model of AED available in the area. Typically this training is coordinated by the department with the AED vendor. Any related expenses are the responsibility of the department.

Coordination of AEDs on campus is provided by Virginia Tech Rescue Squad. For more information, click here.


AEDs are typically located in public spaces for easy access. Where hazardous work tasks are involved for a given project, such as permit-required confined space entry or live electrical work, and personnel have been properly trained, portable AEDs should be brought onto the worksite for ready access in case of emergency.