Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Work Site Inspections

Work site inspections may be conducted by EHS or other designated university personnel. These inspections are conducted solely for the benefit of the university, and shall not relieve the contractor of responsibility for enforcement of, and compliance with, VDLI and the OSHA regulations.

In work site conditions exist that potentially impact the safety of university employees, students, or the public, the university inspector shall issue a verbal or written warning to the Contractor and shall notify the university Project Manager.  If the unsafe conditions cannot be immediately corrected and represent a danger or have the potential to harm university employees, students or the public, then the university inspector will:

  • Assure that other university personnel, students, or the public present onsite are warned to avoid the area of the hazardous condition.
  • Detail the VDLI and/or OSHA violations that were noted, and explain the potential impact upon university employees, students or the public, and
  • Require that the university Project Manager have the Contractor either stop work or implement measures to isolate the hazardous condition until the unsafe condition can be mitigated.

A formal written report of the violation(s) may be issued to the Contractor.  This report shall be copied to the university Project Manager.

Non-Capital Projects

Reports of deficiencies may be factored into the evaluation of the contract by the university, and may be included in a vendor complaint file that is available for review by other state agencies. Repeat safety violations of a similar nature and/or a single serious, willful safety violation by a Contractor may warrant review and termination of the contract.

Capital Projects

The provisions of all rules and regulations governing health and safety as issued by VDLI under Title 40.1 of the Code of Virginia apply to all work performed on capital projects.   The Contractor shall be solely responsible for health and safety precautions and programs for workers and others in connection with the work as outlined in the General Conditions of the Construction Contract (G.S. E&B CO-7).

Inspections conducted by EHS and/or regulatory agencies (e.g. Virginia Occupational Health and Safety Administration) shall be coordinated with the university Project Manager.

In the event that work site conditions exist that present an imminent danger to life or health for the Contractors personnel, EHS may order the cessation of hazardous activity until the danger from such a condition is abated or adequate measures have been taken.

The Contractor shall take prompt action to correct the hazardous condition as required by the General Conditions of the Construction Contract