Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Agencies/Firms with No Contractual Relationship to Virginia Tech

All agencies/firms conducting work on Virginia Tech property shall comply with the requirements of VDLI, OSHA and this program, even where no formal contractual relationship exists between Virginia Tech and the agency/firm. The agency/firm shall maintain appropriate insurance, including general liability, auto liability and workers compensation insurance. Verification of insurance shall be coordinated with Virginia Tech's Director of Risk Management, who may be reached at 231-7439, prior to the start of work. Such agencies/firms shall not, without prior written approval of EHS:

  • construction workersUse a product(s) or material(s) that has a permissible exposure limit (PEL) established by OSHA or VDLI,
  • Damage or disturb any known or suspect asbestos materials or suspect lead-containing materials,
  • Enter into a confined space,
  • Work on any electrical system or utility,
  • Perform excavation or trenching activities,
  • Perofrm hot work operations, or
  • Access roofs of buildings.

If a hazardous condition is identified by EHS during such work, it shall be immediately corrected.  If it cannot be immediately corrected, the agency/firm shall stop work and shall take effective steps to isolate the hazardous condition from personnel and the public.  Repeat safety violations of a similar nature or willful disregard for VDLI/OSHA requirements, or the requirements outlined in this program will result in immediate removal from Virginia Tech property.