Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Confined Spaces Training


Each employee must attend appropriate training before being assigned duties in confined spaces. Training will be coordinated or supervised through EHS. Refresher training must be attended at least every three years.

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Persons that work around, but not in, confined spaces must receive awareness level training, which includes such topics as :

  • Definition and identification of confined spaces,
  • Hazards associated with confined spaces,
  • Authorized entry criteria, and
  • Basic requirements of this program.


Personnel who enter confined spaces must attend entrant level training that includes:

  • Awareness training as described above,
  • Hazardous atmosphere recognition and use of atmospheric testing devices, including information on the mode, signs, symptoms, and consequences of exposure,
  • The use of personal protective equipment including rescue harnesses, respiratory protection, etc.,
  • Entry conditions and related precautions,
  • First aid and CPR training for designated attendants and rescue personnel,
  • Space classification and reclassification criteria,
  • Recognition of warning signs, symptoms of exposure and detection of prohibited conditions,
  • Evacuation requirements,
  • Emergency and non-entry rescue methods, and procedures for calling rescue services, and
  • Specific responsibilities and duties for each role (entrant, attendant, supervisor).