Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Shared Lab Spaces where Biohazards are Used

  • As more research groups work in open or shared laboratory spaces and use common equipment, biohazard information must be shared across the groups for the safety of all.
  • What you can do if you work in shared lab spaces:
    • Do not assume that the biosafety measures you employ for the agents/materials you work with will be appropriate for the agents used by other lab groups. Biosafety measures are agent-specific.
    • Always thoroughly clean and decontaminate shared equipment and surfaces that you use.
    • Ensure that you receive awareness training on the specific agents/materials used by others in shared spaces. Training must include pertinent information about the agents, procedures, equipment used, disinfectant needed, spill response, etc.
    • Principal Investigators or their designees are required to provide awareness training to all others who share work spaces and equipment with their group. If you begin work in a facility that has shared work spaces and you do not receive initial or periodic awareness training as needed, contact your PI, EHS or the IBC.

Further Information and Guidance:

EHS Biosafety Group