Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Biosafety Manuals

2017 Revised Editions

  • In 2017, EHS revised and expanded the Biosafety Manuals used at Virginia Tech:
    • The University Biosafety Manual (UBM) is now a comprehensive ONLINE reference document (no fillable areas).
    • The Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual (LSBM) is now a printable template with fillable content areas for documenting lab-specific safety and reference information.
  • Both manuals incorporate information that is applicable to BSL-1 and BSL-2 labs.
  • Together, these manuals now incorporate all of the elements of an Exposure Control Plan (ECP) for Bloodborne Pathogens, as required by OSHA for labs using human/ NHP materials, specimens, cell cultures, etc.
    • Exposure Control Plans are written documents containing BBP prevention and response procedures for work with human material.
    • Employers must provide ECPs as a reference for their employees, as well as to provide all measures outlined in the ECP.
    • OSHA allows the incorporation of Exposure Control Plan topics within the content of biosafety manuals at research institutions. The revised 2017 Biosafety Manuals now include all required ECP material. Thus, research laboratories that utilize human materials are no longer required to maintain separate Exposure Control Plan documents in addition to their Biosafety Manuals.

The University Biosafety Manual (UBM) – A REFERENCE FOR:

NOTE: Principal Investigators, their designees, or lab managers must ensure that their lab personnel know how to electronically access the UBM.

The Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual (LSBM) Template

  • When completed, this concise manual provides all lab-specific information that is required to be documented and available in a lab for regulatory compliance. Topics include emergency procedures, incident response, engineering controls, disinfectants used, where and how agents are used, containment methods, etc.
  • A lab's LSBM should be kept in hard copy at the bench for reference and use by lab workers, auditors, inspectors, etc.
  • This document must be completed by the Principal Investigator or his/her designee.
  • Reading the online University Biosafety Manual expedites completion of the LSBM.
  • The Lab-Specific Biosafety Manual template is electronically accessed as a Word fillable form.
  • To submit your LSBM to the IBC, electronically send the file with completed Sections 1-19; this is a required component of the ‘Main Form' for your IBC protocol submission. The IBC Administrative Office will populate LSBM Appendices A, B, C, D and E with other materials you have submitted in your protocol.
  • Once the full document has been reviewed and approved by the IBC:
    • Print a copy of your LSBM to keep in your lab.
    • Ensure that all lab personnel know the location of the LSBM in the lab.
    • Ensure that all lab personnel read the UBM and LSBM, and signed the LSBM signature page.
  • Update the LSBM when anything changes such as personnel, agents, procedures, equipment, work locations, etc. Document all updates on the Manual Review/ Revision Status page, and print the necessary updated pages to include in your printed LSBM.
  • The LSBM must be reviewed annually by PI or designee. Document your annual reviews on the Manual Review/Revision Status section.