Environmental, Health and Safety Services

Bloodborne Pathogens Training Information

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EHSS Responsibilities:

EHSS administers the university-wide training and information program as described below. All trainers are familiar with the OSHA Standard and its application to the university work environment. Credentials of the trainers are on file in the EHSS office.

EHSS has the following training responsibilities:

  • Development of written Exposure Control Plan for distribution to all affected university departments.
  • Provide introductory training sessions that cover:
    • The OSHA Standard,
    • Pathogen Transmission and Epidemiology,
    • Exposure Control Plan Requirements and Policies.
    • The Hepatitis B Vaccination Program

Department Responsibilities:

Departments must appoint an Implementation Coordinator to ensure that department-specific training is performed annually or as needed, on the following subjects:

  • New tasks that present occupational exposure
  • Department-specific sections of the ECP
  • Available Engineering Controls
  • Required Work Practice Controls
  • Location and use of Personal Protective Equipment

All training must be conducted during normal working hours, at times convenient to employees.